Introduction to 

Digestive Bitters

Learn to use bitter herbs and to help heal your gut and support your nervous system. 


In this course I will teach you to understand the power of digestive bitters and how to prepare your own digestive bitter tonics.
I'm ready, lets do this Tom!

By the end of this course,

you will…


  • Understand the most important bitter herbs

    Know their health benefits and if they can help with your symptoms. 
  • Know how to make your own bitter formulas

    Design your own bitter formula and use it to improve your health and deepen your awareness.
  • A positive experience of crafting and using your own bitters

    There is nothing more pleasurable that making your own bitter tonics to share with family and friends.

"Tom grew up on a farm in Ireland surrounded by nature. After working for many years in Dublin managing addiction services, he became an herbalist, so that he could bring a natural approach to treating addiction. In this course Tom brings you his wisdom, passion and skills so that you can find greater freedom, peace and joy in living"


Tom O Brien PhD

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Introduction to digestive bitters


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Tom is a very compassionate, knowledgeable guy and generous with his time, he put a detailed plan together and follow up e-mail that I can refer to when needed. To combat anxiety, I am currently implementing changes to my diet based on his recommendations and am hopeful they will have a positive impact over the coming weeks. Highly recommended!

- Joe


I have to say Tom is both professional and personable. I have been to see many natural practitioners in the past in Australia but coming home to Ireland was great knowing I had found Tom to see. He is attentive, thorough and does not leave a stone unturned.
I cannot recommend Tom and his knowledge enough.


- Ana


Tom is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate , he made me feel completely at ease and I felt like I was visiting with an old friend. Tom provides not only advice on herbs but also practical advise on diet and life style. I left feeling more relaxed and positive that I was on the right track to get my health back to where it should be. I cannot recommend Tom enough.

- Mary


What’s Inside

"Introduction to digestive bitters"


14 video lessons

(Excluding introductory and conclusion videos)


  • Course welcome
  • About your instructor
  • The bitter herbs
  • Sourcing herbs
  • Tools and equipment you will need
  • Swedish bitters
  • Tasting the herbs
  • Principles of formula making
  • How to make your own bitter infusions
  • How to make your own bitter tinctures
  • Bitter after dinner tea
  • Chamomile and Dandelion tincture
  • Bitter syrup
  • Heart bitters
  • Dublin bitters
  • Alcohol bitters
  • Course closure

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