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Introduction to digestive bitters

Learn to make  your  own bitter tonics 

and heal your mind, body and soul


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Hey there!

I'm Tom!

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I became an herbalist to help people find natural solutions to their stress and anxiety.

As an educator I want people to find sustainable solutions to their problems.

My courses will help you make the mind, body, soul connection to uncover the most authentic version of yourself.

"After just 2 weeks of working with Tom, I’ve made some massive shifts in my mindset and my daily routine. I’m hopeful for the new future I’m creating."

Matt Doyle 

"This time last year, I was a frazzled mother of 2, just barely getting by. Thanks to Tom's courses, I’m a happier, healthier person for myself and my family."

Emma Burke
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Love bitter botanicals

Resources for every stage of your herbal journey.

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